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Sailing School

Go Sail is one of the major boating organisations of Lake Garda to use Asso99 for its courses and sailing lessons.
Fast, 10 metre one design boats weighing as much as 6 m boats; Go Sail instructors hold courses for all levels on these and other boats in our fleet:

plus, other interesting proposals:

Go Sail instructors are all passionate about sailing and the sea and are always up to date as they take part in sailing regattas and sea cruises every year.
Courses organised by Go Sail can be individual, tailored specifically to the needs of the student or group, in which the instructor leads a crew of 5-6 students.
All courses are held on weekends and weekdays. Take advantage of discounts for excursions on weekdays in June, July and August.
All costs include VAT, insurance and annual membership card.


Basic Course (collective)
For beginners or those with little experience of sailing.
This course gives you a good grasp of the fundamental theoretical basics and allows you to participate as a crew member of a sailing boat.

Terminology, rigging, knots, points of sail, tacking, jibing, circles and figures of eight, sail shortening and mooring to a buoy.

Duration and course fee:

8 session of three hours each - € 300

Minimum participants: 5


Advanced Course (collective)
For those who have completed the basic course or already have experience of life on board.
The course deals with all issues relating to hoisting and lowering the spinnaker. It takes place on cruisers about 10 metres (Asso99) in length that, due to their size, are very suitable in this learning phase.
The goal of this stage is to acquire all the elements and techniques needed to sail safely using a spinnaker, right up to handling the spinnaker on your own.

A review of the basic manoeuvres for handling a sailing boat, entering and leaving port, the spinnaker and its equipment, the spinnaker system, hoisting, lowering and jibing manoeuvres.

Duration and course fee:

8 session of three hours each - € 300

Minimum participants: 5


Regatta Course (collective)
The aim is to increase knowledge of racing techniques and improve and refine boat handling technique during a race.
The formula is the usual 6 three-hour sessions and knowledge of racing techniques is increased each time. Training and practical sailing excursions take place on Saturdays.
The final Sunday sees you taking part in a real regatta on an Asso99, one of the most technical and spectacular boats, against the most competitive crews in the same class.

Racing rules, sailing techniques to improve performance in races, roles on board, good and poor, staying near an opponent, starts, how to approach a turn marker.

Duration and course fee:

8 session of three hours each - € 300

Minimum participants: 5


Cruise Course (individual or collective)
This course allows students to become familiar with cruising boats, learning how all the equipment on board works and becoming independent when it comes to port manoeuvres.
These manoeuvres are the most feared by inexperienced skippers and the cause of many problems when renting a boat.
A good, customised sailing course is exactly what’s needed to gain confidence and negotiate this type of situation with ease.

Getting to know your boat, tools and equipment, hoisting and lowering, sight navigation, an introduction to points of sail, adjusting sails, manoeuvring in ports by engine, mooring in ports and to buoys, how to moor and unmoor, anchoring and using a windlass, planning and prevention/avoiding improvisation.e.

Duration and fees for individual courses:

4 session of 3 hours each € 200 per session
Minimum participants - 1

Duration and fees for group courses:

4 session of 3 hours each € 100 per session

Minimum participants - 2

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