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General Information

Our offer is valid for the season from 15 April to 15 October.

Restrictions relating to participants
Sailing is a sport for everyone: from the youngest to the oldest people, it can be practiced by anyone, but also includes a minimum degree of risk associated with the variability of weather conditions. Participants must be in normal physical and mental condition. Minors may participate only with the signed authorisation of a parent or legal representative.

Weather conditions
The feasibility of the experience depends on the weather. In case of strong winds and/or storms or conditions that prevent the experience going ahead in total safety, the excursion will be postponed. The decision on whether the experience goes ahead lies solely with Go Sail and its skippers. Customer safety is always our priority!

You should bring along: sport clothes and shoes, a raincoat, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and a complete change of clothing in a small backpack.
To ensure the safety of our customers, we provide the life buoys and on board equipment.

Those accompanying, families and friends can take part or enjoy the show from the shore with an ice cream or an aperitif in the friendly bars of Castelletto di Brenzone.


Legal Terms

Go Sail perform all services as offered and described.
The contracting party shall participate in our activities under his/her own responsibility and is aware of the risks inherent in the sport of sailing. The participant must be in normal physical and mental condition and ensures that he/she does not suffer from a disease that prevents his/her participation and is capable of swimming for at least 15 minutes in open water.
The participant undertakes to carry out the instructions of the skipper – especially regarding safety issues.
The contracting party shall be insured under the third-party liability insurance. This does not include accident insurance. The participant is liable for simple negligence and wilful misconduct. He/she also declares that he/she accepts all responsibility for any damage incurred to himself/herself, to others and to property, caused by improper handling of boats, carelessness and neglect.
Go Sail is responsible for physical damage only when this fall within its responsibility and was caused by gross negligence.
Go Sail accepts no responsibility for the objects and for private property that is damaged or lost during the experience.
Minors may participate only with a signed authorisation by a parent or legal representative.
The processing of personal data is authorised pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003. The use, publication, dissemination and exhibition of its image for educational purposes, advertising and the promotion of the sport of sailing is also authorised.

Cancellation Terms
In the event of the customer not turning up for the even on the agreed date without a valid reason or prior notice, we reserve the right to retain the deposit already paid and also request full payment of the agreed amount.
If the customer cancels the event within the working week, we will only retain the amount of the deposit.
If the customer requests cancellation between 5 and 30 days before the event, Go Sail is willing to agree on a new date and refund any deposit paid.

Sailing Courses
The service guarantees that courses will go ahead according to regulations.
If the practical lessons on the water cannot be carried out due to bad weather, they will be replaced with theoretical lessons or the practical lessons in question will be postponed. There will be no rights of replacement in the event of the customer being delayed.
A deposit of € 100.00 in advance is required. The balance will be paid in cash on the first day of the course at the sailing school. It is also possible to pay the total amount in advance by bank transfer.

Excursions by boat
Unless otherwise agreed, the minimum number of participants is 4. If this number is not reached within 7 days prior to the excursion, participants are notified and any payments already made are either refunded or the event is postponed. Other rights of the contracting party are excluded.
The fee only includes the use of the boat and the accompaniment of a Skipper, as well as the services listed in the related offers.
Reaching of the minimum number of crew, the completion of a specified route and achieving a minimum number of miles of sailing cannot be guaranteed.

Boat rental
The renter guarantees knowledge of distress signals, that he/she is able to withstand the physical strain of the sport and is able to swim for at least 15 minutes in open water.
No responsibility is accepted for the lack of experience of the renter. This exclusion means that Go Sail has no responsibility for damage to persons or property that are due to a lack of experience of the renter.
The boat meets the requirements and shows no breakage or malfunction and it must be returned in the same condition. The renter, having verified the excellent condition of the boat (propeller and keel in particular) states that he/she accepts all responsibility for the handling and care of the craft entrusted to him/her and also declares that he/she is a skilled sailor/skipper and is capable of steering a sailing or motor boat.
The deposit will be refunded in the event that the boat, at the end of its use, is returned without damage and in condition in which it was provided. In the event of damages in excess of the security deposit, the user must pay the difference. If the boat is returned late, the user will pay an additional fee of € 50/hour and if it is returned to a location other than the one agreed, there will be a surcharge of € 20 per mile from the place where it was meant to be returned.
The boat shall not be sub-leased to third parties.


Bank Account details

Go-Sail s.a.s. di Andrea Farina & C

IBAN - IT 52 I 02008 59550 00010 21369 43

VAT No. 03331040232

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