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Spending time on a sailing boat is a fun and affordable activity that encourages socialising and interpersonal relationships. Sailing can be an opportunity for students to get to know each other better, to discover personal and group dynamics, as well as learning how to build a team. Led by an instructor, sailing as a team sport teaches the members of each crew to act as a team, with rules to follow and small spaces to share. A trip on a sailing boat creates a unique emotion when getting out on the trapeze and aft-gliding upon the foaming waves... and the setting for it all is the beautiful Lake Garda.

At the request of many teachers who need to welcome primary school students and help them to integrate with each other, we thought you might appreciate the following educational courses.


Educational Excursions
For students of all types of schools.



  • 09:00 - Meet up at our GO SAIL sailing school;  

              Information on boats and individual roles on board,
              safety and other equipment.

  • 10.00 - Boarding and setting sail

  • 12.30 - Return to port

Cost: 30 € per person.


09:00 - Meet up at our GO SAIL sailing school;
             Information on boats and individual roles on board,
             safety and other equipment..
 10.00 - Boarding and setting sail
 12.30 - Return to port or layover in Tignale and excursion to the waterfalls
 14.00 - Return to Castelletto by sail
 16.30 - Returning to port and disembarking

Cost: 40 € per person.

The program is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.


Educational objectives

  • Development  

   socialising and interpersonal relationships;  
   control of emotions;
   sensory perception in an unstable, lake environment;
   individual physical aspects and balance.

  • Introduction to the basic concepts of sailing.

  • Knowledge of the lake’s flora and fauna and its surroundings.

  • Knowledge of the countless historical elements on the shores of the lake.

  • Awareness of the fragility of the ecosystem and the lake environment:  

   respect and protection of the environment and water resources;
   regulations on guided tours in the natural environment.

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